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How to bypass AdBlock? 4 custom marketing campaigns

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In internet marketing, the easy times are behind us.Not only because the market is becoming full of competitors, but also because consumer preferences for marketing content are changing.Today, banner advertising brings as much freshness as the air in Żywiec Zdrój.You can still breathe it, but it is known that it is not good for your health.It's the same with lovers of the typical banner in marketing practice.People still click on such creations, sometimes they won't be missed, they will still deliver the desired conversion,but will it be possible to gain the attention of an Internet user who is becoming more and more demanding in two or three years?
The creator of this, currently the most effective, style of marketing communication is Seth Godin, who runs a blog ranked 4th in terms of readership and is the author of over 20 books on marketing, most of which hit the NYT bestseller lists.The philosophy of "permission marketing" is based on the user's consent to receive messages from brands and the user's voluntariness in consuming them. This philosophy is in contrast to mass advertising, which is forced into a time and place that is least expected by the recipient.

In 2016, AdBlock was used by nearly 38% of users of all age groups - a year later, the popularity of this application is already over 50% in the 18-34 age group.This isn't a joke anymore.The younger the target group, the more marketers will be forced to use non-standard forms Email List of marketing communication.Instead of flooding the Internet with banners, they will have to become publishers of engaging content. Due to the widespread use of AdBlock, the words of Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute are becoming more and more important. He recently said in one of his podcasts (PNR) that in the near future, marketing will not include classic advertising, but will become exclusively content marketing.You can argue with the author of the thesis about the deadline for implementing such a forecast, but you cannot deny the likelihood of this vision coming true.Moreover, those who think that they will defend themselves with classic advertising activities may make a big, strategic mistake, because no one will notice ordinary ads, also for psychological reasons (oversaturation with stimuli and banner blindness).

The vast majority of them remain completely ignored by the recipients, failing to generate the conversions desired by sales departments and causing losses.Losses that are extremely difficult to cover with an additional budget, because budgets in our home environment are very modest.
Therefore, in order not to get lost in the crowd of advertisers screaming for attention, as a marketer you can start using methods of influence that are more adapted to current trends. By becoming a media company, you can present your story in such a way that recipients will not be able to ignore it.

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